Teaching and teaching At-Risk teens

Teacher or Security Guard?

Teacher or Security Guard? Due to the violence that has been perpetrated in our nation’s schools it has been suggested that some of our teachers should/could become designated to carry arms on the schools’ campuses. This suggestion has been met with approval from some, disapproval by others. I have given this issue a lot…
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Movie and Book Reviews

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Going Off Center–Excerpt

Below is an excerpt from my book: “GOING OFF CENTER” Observations from an At-Risk Teacher (Chapter 8–Some of my Favorite Stories) Cell phones! When our daughter started driving I thought they were a godsend; we bought a mobile bag phone the day she got her drivers permit. For those of you that are too young…
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My Cinquain Poetry

                 JOB focused tenacious pushing prodding inspiring Helping students to succeed.   Teaching (Rules for Cinquain Poetry under Lesson Plans) How do you describe teaching?    

Are You Ready to Talk Teaching?

  Are you a teacher?  Or, do you have a teacher in your family?  A friend? Unique people those teachers…don’t you agree? Regardless, of the conversational topic, or activity, teachers will find a way to ‘talk teaching.’ Why?  Not to put too fine a point on it, but, everything a teacher experiences is carried into…
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