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What’s your favorites?


Teaching isn’t the only the thing we do.  I, myself, am a voracious reader (for pleasure).  I am a fan of James Patterson, Stephan King, and Janet Evanovich, to name but a few.  I have, also been known to enjoy a few autobiographies from individuals from various walks of life.

I am also a movie lover.  The picture above is but a small portion of our collection. And, if I’m completely honest, particularly while watching a movie, I will view it through the lens of a teacher.  Can I make a lesson out of it?  Can I tie it to a unit, and make the movie a reward after a final project?

I’m always on the lookout for the next ‘hook’ that will keep my students interested.

If you’re like me, a fan of books and movies, I thought it would be great fun to hear from you about your favorites.

Like most people I know, I’m kinda’ picky about what I watch, and what I read.

So, please feel free to ‘leave a comment’ with your latest critique.

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