Crossing the Curriculum

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Crossing the Curriculum
( How to tie Literacy into almost any unit)
Big watch-word around our district lately is

Cinquain Poetry is a great way to add literacy to most any subject with your own special twist. Below is an Ecology Project/lesson that has been very successful with my At-Risk Biology students.

Cinquain Poetry
1. The first line consists of one word (Noun)
2.The second line consists of two words (adjectives, describing the noun)
3. The third line consists of three words (action verbs related to the noun)
4.The fourth line consists of four words (a complete sentence)
5.The fifth and last line consists of one word (synonym of the noun from line one)

Find the mistakes!

Funky Warts
Making froggy sounds
Lovely madly slimy green.


You must create three poems. Cut-out pictures from the nature magazines that you have used for your inspiration. Mount the pictures on a piece of colored cardstock (one for each poem). You must use two Ecology vocabulary terms in each poem.
Rubric: Two points for each line–five points for each vocab term times two = 15 points per poem.