Teaching and teaching At-Risk teens

Key for: Crossing the Curriculum

Find the Mistakes!

I use this as a whole group activity to ‘check for understanding’ when I introduce this lesson.

It allows me go over some basics in grammar.

Lines 1 and 5 —I would accept.  Although, in the real world, Prince isn’t a synonym for Frog; it can be in the literary world.

         Line 2— I might accept Funky as an adjective, but I would encourage my students to come-up with a more precise adjective.

I would not accept warts in it’s present form.  I ask them to change it to an adjective.

Line 3– All wrong.  I would have students to brainstorm some fitting verbs.

         Line 4–Not a sentence, again  I would have students to brainstorm.

Also, there are no ecology terms used from their vocab list.